Classical Swine Fever confirmed in Lithuania

Classical Swine Fever has been confirmed at a 450 pig farm in Lithuania. The farm is owned by a Danish producer. No CSF, however, has been found in any Danish farm.

The contagious disease was confirmed in three animals at the Lithuanian farm, after which the total herd had to be culled. In farms in the area, no other infections were noted.

Danish farms

In February, the Lithuanian production site received piglets from two Danish farms. These farms, with 6,700 animals (Rønshauge) and 3,180 animals (Søndervang), have been blocked for a while, despite their Special Pathogen Free (SPF) status.

After research, no CSF was confirmed, the Danish ministry of food, agriculture and fisheries reported. In addition, no problems had occurred over the last 12 months.

The Danish suggest that there is no direct connection between the outbreak in Lithuania and the Danish pig production sites.

Lithuania is a member state within the European Union.

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