MIK heating system for piglets tested

MIK International AG's new king-size heating system for farrowing and nursery pens which was introduced at the EuroTier 2008 has been tested by the Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV) with the following results.

The 500 x 1200 mm panel showed a convincingly low consumption of 196.3 watt (327.2 watt/sqm) -  surpassed only by the larger model, the 600 x 1200 mm panel,  with a consumption of only 316.7 watt/sqm.

Needing a supply temperature of only about 45-46°C the warm water system significantly improves the annual use efficiency of condensing or low temperature boilers and regenerative heating installations. The energetic efficiency of the MIK THERMO W results from the integrated insulation which minimises the downward heat emission.

According to the TÜV tests 100% of the surface provides a temperature in the advantageous heat range of 37-43°C. This homogeneity is mainly achieved by the filling method preventing the formation of air bubbles within the panel.

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