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Australia: 'Flying pig' stunt angers RSPCA

A stunt by an Australian radio station which attempted to make a piglet fly using helium balloons has angered the general public and the RSPCA.

The Gold FM breakfast crew tied up to 200 helium balloons to the animal resulting in the RSPCA being inundated with complaints from the public and listeners. RSPCA vet Dr Anne Chester said the stunt defied belief as the animal was clearly distressed. "What on earth possessed station management? Why did they allow something so grossly inappropriate to go ahead?"

RSPCA senior inspector Daniel Young said the organisation would talk to radio station management and then decide whether further action was necessary. "At the very least we expect the station to make a full apology and we will be checking on the welfare of the piglet this afternoon," Young said.

The radio station is yet to comment on the situation.

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    Tractor Plough

    Poor Gold FM. The pig is OK. Google "Ruth Downey". RSPCA shot her cows and fined her $300,000. RSPCA will abuse their power and punish Gold FM and take heaps of $ from them. Then in Court RSPCA vets will be believed when they say the pig suffered.

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