Addcon: 5 year registration for Formi in China

German feed additives producer Addcon has been granted the registration for its additive Formi for the next five years in China.

“Formi is the first product in our range that has been registered in China”, says Jürgen Trebing, CEO of the company's division in Asia. “We are very optimistic that the registration for other products of our range will be successful too."

The German company offers a range of silage additives, feed additives, preservatives and also a range of aquaculture products to the industry. Formi, the first natural growth promoter which has been registered in the EU and the Kofasil silage additives are the key focus of the company in China for the time being.

Step by step, its full product range shall be launched in China too. The company made its first steps in Asia in 2007 and has already opened offices in the Chinese city of Dalian, Hong Kong, Thailand and Philippines.

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