UK pig breeding co secures agreement in Ukraine

The UK-based international pig breeding company JSR Genetics Ltd has secured an agreement to supply 2 of the Ukraine's largest pig producers with high-health breeding stock.

LLC Plemzavod and LLC Evroresurs: (Kalita) visited the UK earlier this year to inspect JSR's supply units as part of the Ukraine's health certificate requirements. They were very impressed not only with the quality of the stock, but the high standards of health and welfare maintained by the company, JSR reports.

To date, over 250 high-health animals have been exported to LLC Plemzavod with another 400 due to be shipped in December 2009 and early January 2010. LLC Evroresurs took delivery of over 100 animals in early November 2009.

 “This has been a very successful delivery due to the help from the JSR Technical Support Team, who were on-hand to ensure the animals settled into their new environment with ease”, commented Elena Kruk, JSR's agent for the Ukraine territory. By the time the 1st delivery took place 2 technical visits had been carried out to ensure a production management system was in place.

Both herds make use of the JSR Checkmate pig management system. The benefit of JSR Checkmate is that it sets a small number of key goals for the unit and tracks them in an easy to understand reporting format.
JSR first exported animals to the Ukraine in 2006 to supply Vira-1 Ltd in the Volyn region, with over 1400 animals.


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