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Russia to invest EUR 2 billion in domestic pig breeding

Russia will invest more than 93.6 billion rubles (EUR 2 billion) in the development of the domestic pig breeding industry during the next two years, according to the plans of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

Analysts believe that this will allow to increase the production of pork in the country by 30% compared to 2008 year, while by 2020 to stop all pork imports from abroad.

Since 1992 pork production in Russia has declined by 33% to 1.87 million tonnes in 2007. Last year it increased to 2.04 million tons, while this year the production will reach 2.2 million tonnes.

According to sources in the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, by 2012 the volume of the domestic pork production will amount to 2.7 million tonnes, while the share of imports will be reduced to 14%. Moreover, by 2020 these figures should increase up to 3.96 million tonnes, which is two times higher than in 2007. Launching some innovative technologies in the Russian pork breeding industry may allow the increase of the production to 5.6 million tonnes of pork a year.

In addition, by 2012 the total Russian pig herd should reach 23.3 million head (16.2 million in 2008), while by 2020 these figures will increase to 35-45 million heads. The Russian Ministry of Agriculture believes that these measures will allow to fully meet the domestic demand for pork by 2012.

The realisation of such projects will run through the development of several programmes including breeding of pigs of high-yield breeds, the establishment of modern breeding and genetic centers, as well as modern abattoirs and logistics infrastructure. (Evegen Vorotnikov)

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