Irish pork dioxin company offers payment

The company at the centre of the pork dioxin scare last year, which saw the recall of pork products the worldwide wants to pay €6.5m to 17 individuals and businesses affected by the crisis.

Millstream Recycling Ltd is alleged to have supplied animal feed containing harmful dioxins and is seeking to come to a court approved deal with people who have sued them. The deal would see €6.5m being shared among 17 individuals and companies who have sued the Co Wexford company.

The contamination of the feed in December 2008 resulted in the recall after pig meat on a number of farms was found to have had between 80 and 200 times more dioxins that the recognised safety limit.

Millstream Recycling was yesterday granted permission by the High Court to apply to enter a scheme of arrangement with those who have brought actions over being supplied feed containing dioxins. Gary McCarthy, for Millstream, said that following consultations with its insurers, the firm is insured for a maximum of €6.5m. However, it is anticipated claims against the company were in the region of €20m.

As a result, the company is proposing to enter into a scheme with all those claimants where the €6.5m would be divided up between them.

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