Biomin performs “The Sound of Nutrition” in Salzburg

Experts and industry delegates gather to discuss the future of nutrition, Biomin's NutriEconomics® program, developments in science, business, the environment and leadership at the World Nutrition Forum 2010 in Salzburg.

In less than a year, the next World Nutrition Forum will be hosted once again from 13 to 16 October, 2010.

This time, the venue of Salzburg, Austria has been chosen to closely reflect the theme of the Forum, “The Sound of Nutrition” (with a wink to the world famous musical “The Sound of Music”).

As the world economy climbs out of the downturn, the World Nutrition Forum aims to shed light on the trends that will affect animal nutrition and production, and how businesses can take full advantage of key information to move forward.

Erich Erber, CEO of Biomin: “Coming out of this period of recession, the future development of the market has become an issue of greater importance than ever. We want to provide useful insights with regards to the dynamics in current market developments and identify and substantiate our findings on industry trends.”

Nutrition, profitability, performance
Biomin's latest programme, NutriEconomics® helps to address this issue of nutrition, profitability and performance by focusing on three core principles – nutrition, economics and the environment.

These key considerations map out how efficient animal performance can be achieved alongside productivity and profitability in the business, and lay the foundation for the 2010 Forum's theme and discussions.

The theme for the 2010 Forum, “The Sound of Nutrition” was inspired by this vision of a harmonious approach to balancing the 'sounds' or demands of nutrition, with that of the environment, economics, science and business.

Salzburg, a city famed for its classical music heritage and the setting of the world famous “Sound of Music” musical film, has been chosen as a meeting place befitting the agenda.

In the tradition of past Forums, the 2010 edition will also include a line-up of thought-provoking issues related to business, trade, science and leadership, including the BRAIN (Biomin Research and Innovation Network) program that awards groundbreaking work in animal nutrition.

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