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Baltics to increase live hogs exports to Russia

The Baltic countries are considering Russia as one of the largest sale markets for its live hogs. According to Russian media, established in July by the nine largest Latvian piggeries the agricultural cooperative Baltijas bekons recently started exports of live pigs to Russia.

Currently the Baltic pig producers are facing problems related to the exports of pork to Russia, shifting to the supply of live pigs.

"The first cargo has already been sent to Russia, however the demand is not very high," - said head of Baltijas bekons Dzintars Vader.

Amid the recession Russia can no longer afford to buy expensive EU pigs, making investments in its own pig farming industry.

Nevertheless by the end of the year Baltijas bekons is planning to export at least two shipments of pigs per week, but without giving any forecasts.

"The situation is changing every week - said Vader.

Despite its drawbacks, Russia remains one of the most promising markets for the Baltic pig producers, due to hog purchase prices in other neighboring countries, which are much lower than in Russia.

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