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Non-fattening 'doughnut' for pigs

Quality Equipment has released the Pig Donut, a toy designed to help reduce boredom by stimulating play and activity for these animals from weaning through to finishing.

As its name suggests, it is about the size of an edible ring doughnut – 75 mm in diameter, 25 mm thick with a 25 mm hole – but is made from highly-durable vulcanised rubber. This is dimensionally stable and resistant to oils, grease and various chemicals.

The toy developed in Belgium prompts a biting action that is said to stimulate enzyme activity in the gut.  The size of the hole was carefully determined to ensure that the pigs cannot get their noses through it and bite with excessive force.

Designed to be hung at head height, it comes complete with fixing shackle.

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    Ed Miller

    Is the "Pig Donut" available to consumers in the U.S.A.? If so, where can I buy one?

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