Danish Crown to focus on international markets

One of the worlds largest meat producers, Danish Crown, has confirmed that it can no longer afford to continue investments at home and will leave its homeland.

By Evegen Vorotnikov
According to Denmark web source cphpost.dk, the company said that it will stop all domestic investments as part of a comprehensive cutback plan aimed at reducing costs by 1.6 billion kroner before the end of next year.

Currently, only 16% of Danish Crown operations are located in Denmark, with Germany, Poland and the UK handling most of the work.

One of the reasons for such a decision is the difference in wages when slaughterhouse employees in Denmark earn 56 kroner more per hour than in Germany and the UK. The salary difference is even greater in Poland.

Details of Danish Crown's savings plan has not yet been released, but negotiations with its employees are ongoing.

Editor PigProgress

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