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Belgian pig producers send out alarms

Pig producers in Belgium continue to send out alarm signals as they feel they continue to be underpaid for their pigs by large retailers.

Production costs for producers amount to €1.40/kg, but they get paid €1.08, the website of the Flemish Information Centre for Agri- and Horticulture (VILT) reports.

"Strikingly, at their websites large retailers show off with 'fair prices' and 'respect for producers', but we all know this is not true," said Steven Lafaut, spokesperson for the Trade Union for Pig Producers (Veva).

Speaking against the background of a crisis in the dairy sector, he continued, "We also produce qualitative and safe food and therefore we also expect a reasonable remuneration for our products," Lafaut said, referring to over two years of disappointing prices.

Retailers and suppliers
The role of large retailers and suppliers is blamed for these disappointing prices. "Only a fair remuneration can guarantee quality and continuity. It would be about time that retailers understand this and that the chains will stop these price wars," according to Veva.

Veva calls on politicians, retailers and all other parties involved in the production chain to collaborate in search for solutions. "The classical system of supply and demand is dead. We need a system in which producers' real cost prices are taken into account," Lafaut concluded.

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