US: Pork production increasing

The USDA has stated in its latest Livestock Slaughter Report that commercial red meat production in July has seen a positive increase from 2007 figures.

Pork production totalled 1,853 mln lbs (840,506 kg) in July 2008, which is an increase of 12% from 1,660 mln lbs (752,963 kg) in July 2007. Production in this sector is also up 5% from 1,762 mln lbs (799,229 kg) in June 2008.
Overall, red meat production totalled 4,252 mln lbs (1.9 mln kg), up 8% from 3,940 mln lbs (1.787 mln kg) in July 2007, and up 5% from 4,050 mln lbs (1.8 mln kg) in June 2008.
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