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New product launched for hydration and nutrient transfer

Essential Water Solutions has launched Essentialyte, water dispersible nutritional supplement that maintains fluid electrolytes and stabilizes mineral metabolism in livestock for hydration and nutrient transfer.

The ions in Essentialyte are balanced ratios of potassium to sodium and magnesium based on several thousand water analyses throughout a large geographical area.

According to the company, Essentialyte sustains hydration at the cellular level. All animals perform better when their electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium and chlorides) are balanced at the cellular level, which in turn eliminates dehydration and other health-related problems.

The company advises to avoid over-the-counter electrolyte products that usually contain high levels of chlorides. High levels of chlorides increase sodium absorption ratios, which, in turn, can lead to displaced potassium, thus causing dehydration.

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