News last update:Nov 10, 2008

Josera tests glycine chelates in swine feed

Josera, a German animal feed company has conducted studies in partnership and with the University of Wroclaw in Poland to study the influence of glycine chelates in animal feed.

The study proved the positive and immense influence of glycine chelates instead of normal chelated minerals and inorganic minerals as used in the market.

Regarding the glycine chelates following data changed significantly in pig feeding researches:

- Increased insemination success of sows
- Higher birth weights of piglets
- Increased milk protein
- Increased weight gains
- Increased feed conversion ratio
- Drastically limited contents of heavy metals in the manure

The results are used in Josera's feeding concept "Organic line".

Rumen protected selenium
The company also carries out a study on the rumen protected selenium which lead to the development of "Se-protect®", Josera's rumen protected selenium. In the trial "Se-protect®" showed clear advantages in comparison to other selenium sources: much cheaper and more profitable than organic selenium (Se-yeast). Josera developed Se-protect® with "slow release-effect" for the long-term, optimal and constant selenium supply.

Visit Josera at EuroTier (hall 14, stand A 45) to see the research studies.

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