News last update:Jan 10, 2008

NL: Cost price of pigs at record levels

The cost price of pork has risen to €1.75 per kilo - the highest since 1993, according to Dutch newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad .

In addition, national piglet price index revealed that the cost price of a piglet now amounts to €53,26 - the highest in 10 years.

The above figures were calculated by the Animal Sciences Group (Wageningen University) and are based on technical and economic results results of 2006 - taking the current high feed prices into account. The index provides a recommended price and is calculated on a proportional distribution of profit and loss between breeder and fattener.

High feed prices are certainly leaving their mark on the development of cost prices.

A multiplier pays €580.64 per sow, €101.33 more than in July last year. Through higher feed prices, the interest to be paid rises too.

A pig producer pays more for the piglet and pumps €16.15 more into the feed of the animal. As a result, the cost price rises around 12% to €157.49 for delivered pigs.

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