News last update:Mar 26, 2007

Belgium will start own MRSA research

Belgium will start an own research into a highly infectuous bacteria in pigs in April. The research will be carried out by the Belgian Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries (ILVO).

The research will focus on the Methicilline Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), also known as the hospital bacteria.


This bacteria is harmless to healthy people, but can seriously affect the health of ill people. In the Netherlands, research last year showed that the bacteria was also found in pigs and pig farmers.

Belgium now would like to find out to what extent Belgian farms will be infected too - the research will start in April, Flemish prime minister Yves Leterme www.yvesleterme.be/biografie/ announced.


On two sites, with prevalence of the bacteria confirmed, will be screened very thoroughly.

Pigs, people, other animals, surroundings, personnel and family will be examined. This way, researchers hope to establish how a contaminatio is spreading - and thus they hope how to stop it.

In the autumn, an additional, bigger research will follow, organised together with the Flemish ministry of welfare, public health and family.

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