ASF Poland: Virus moves north into West Pomerania province

A fourth province in Western Poland will now have to face the presence of African Swine Fever in its wild boar population. The first 2 infected carcasses have been found in West Pomerania province.

West Pomerania province borders Lubusz province in the north. It is not a big surprise that the virus travelled north, as already in October a carcass was found virtually at the border of both provinces. 

The 2 carcasses were found at just over 1km of the border with Germany, just over 18km north of the northern core zone in Germany, in Märkisch-Oderland.

Numbers of infected wild boar keep increasing

The latest outbreak numbers show that on both sides of the border, the numbers of wild infected boar keep increasing. In Western Poland, since the first discovery in November 2019, there have been 2,547 carcasses found on December 23; in Germany the count is at 360, see also Table 1.