Misset publishes Chinese ASF edition – exclusively on WeChat

The WeChat channel of Misset International, ‘Misset世界畜牧’, has published a 36-page special edition dedicated to African Swine Fever (ASF).

Launched today, in time for the VIV Qingdao and EuroTier China events this week, the special edition explores not just the fall-out from the outbreaks but what measures the Chinese pig industry can take as it re-establishes itself in the world market.

Many articles in this issue take a practical management approach; they include some of the best ASF articles that were published before in Pig Progress. In addition, several articles pay attention to aspects of feeding and nutrition in relation to ASF.

Misset publishes Chinese ASF edition – exclusively on WeChat

Some of the highlights include:

• ASF can easily be transmitted in water and feed

• How the Czech Republic eradicated ASF

• Flies can play a role in transmitting ASF into farms

• ASF on-farm? Back on track in 18 steps

• How to guarantee products are ASF-free?

• Using yeast products to boost pig disease defences

Misset is the publishing company of Pig Progress. The ASF special can be found in the ‘Misset世界畜牧’ Mini-shop on WeChat.