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ASF Vietnam: 22 new villages reported infected

Vietnam has reported that 22 additional villages have reported the occurrence of African Swine Fever (ASF).

The outbreaks were reported on Monday, March 4, by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). Until this Monday, the country had reported 11 outbreaks in total.

The total count of pigs that succumbed to the virus as well as that had to be culled in Vietnam alone has risen to 4,238. So far all virus outbreaks have been reported from ‘villages’ and not from farms.

ASF reports from at least 6 provinces

The outbreaks have all been reported from at least 6 provinces around the Vietnamese capital Hanoi. Most often affected province is Thai Binh province with at least 14 reported outbreaks, followed by Hung Yen (9) and Hai Phong (6).

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  • J M Gibson

    Vietnam is a one party state and therefore the government can command that precautions and actions are strictly undertaken - an example being the eradication of bird flu in Vietnam some years ago. The state veterinary authorities should be given strict and easily followed instructions that are strictly enforced. Vietnam should have what ever essential inputs from all competent overseas veterinary expertise as they require.
    It is essential that ALL movement of pigs (dead or alive) are strictly enforced and anyone suspected of offering "influence" to those responsible for controlling pig movements are strongly discouraged. Safe disposal of carcasses is essential. There is a huge educational challenge as many of the backyard pig producers are unaware of the consequences of improper disposal.

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