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How PEDv has 
affected US pig prices

It might be a somewhat of a strange remark to make, but in the outbreak of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus (PEDv) in the United States has of course cause major economic loses but there is also an upside.

Of course, the virus which first entered the US pig herd in spring 2013, has been causing major economic losses for many producers by killing millions of piglets – and possibly causing even more fear of infection among the remaining producers.

Flipside of PEDv: Low pork supply means higher prices

However, oddly enough, there is also a flipside to all this doom and gloom, that is for those producers who managed to stay in business, pocketed a very healthy profit on the back of this virus this summer.

Data source: USDA Economic Research Service calculations based on Bureau of Labor Statistics and USDA Agricultural Marketing Service Data

After all, the old economic laws apply once more – when there's scarcity, prices go up, and that's exactly what can be seen in hog price development in 2014.

With PEDv being predominantly active in winter, the US (and Canadian) pig industry are anxious to see what will happen in the colder months of 2015. Will things go back to normal or will prices spike again in summer of 2015?

[Featured in Pig Progress magazine no. 10 - 2014]

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  • Le Phuoc

    I am discorving or finding solution for out break PEDV becuase it cause a lot of lose money for farmer. If everyone has managed PEDV help me

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