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Belarus reacts to new ASF outbreaks in Russia

Several new cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Russia have prompted neighbouring Belarus to consider some protective measures in the form of veterinary restrictions on pork production from Russia.

The new cases of ASF have been reported in Oryol Oblast, Bryansk Oblast, Kaluga Oblast, and Moscow Oblast of Russia, by veterinary officials.

Belarus to restrict Russian pork product imports

"The Agriculture and Food Ministry advised additional measures to prevent the import of live animals, sperm, pork and processed pork products, hides, hoof raw materials, hog hair, and hunter's trophies acquired from susceptible animals from Russia's Oryol Oblast, Bryansk Oblast, Kaluga Oblast, and Moscow Oblast," the report from the Belarusian Agricultural and Food Ministry stated.

Belarus to protect large pig-breeding farms from ASF

The report also added that there it is necessary to make special efforts to ensure the biological protection of large pig-breeding complexes and farms of all forms of ownership.

Classical Swine Fever reported in Latvia

The Agriculture and Food Ministry also said that there are a new case of classical swine fever was reported in Karsava Municipality of Latvia. The same measures should be applied to the products from this region.

Follow the trail of the ASF outbreak

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