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Russia reopens doors to French pigs and pork

Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselhoznadzor has officially cancelled the ban on the import of live pigs, pork and pork production from France, according to a report by the service.

Furthermore, it is expected that in the coming weeks Russian authorities may make a similar decision with regard to Italy and Denmark.

A ban on European Union (EU) pork products was imposed early in 2014 following the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in the east. This was not part of the embargo on food imports from western countries.

In its report Rosselhoznadzor stated that France is situated far away from the outbreaks of ASF in Europe and there is little risk that the country will supply contaminated products to the Russian market.

The French Minister for Agriculture said in a statement that exports could begin in the coming weeks. Previously, it were reported that a total of 70% of French pig fat was exported to Russia before the embargo. It is believed that other EU countries have signed similar agreements with Russia on lifting part of the swine fever-related ban.

The approximate estimations indicate that Russia's ban on pork, implemented in the beginning of 2014, has cost French farmers about €500 million.

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