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Belarus restricts pig/pork imports from Ukraine

As of January 16, Belarus has officially banned the import of pigs and any pork products from Kiev Oblast of Ukraine following the recent outbreak of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) reported in the region. The outbreak has been detected in the samples taking from the carcasses of three wild boars.

"The results showed the presence of the CSF virus of CSF in three boars hunted in the village of Mircea and one boar killed in the village of Lubyanka at the Borodyansky district of the Kyiv region," stated the report of the State Research Institute for Laboratory Diagnosis and Veterinary-Sanitary Inspection.

The authorities of Kiev Oblast announced that they have developed the package of measures aimed to prevent the further spread of the disease. At the same time, the local veterinary services decided to boost the security measures at locally-based pig farms, as there is a risk that the virus will continue to spread in wild nature and farms are at risk of outbreaks.

In late December African swine fever (ASF) virus was also detected in Ukraine, also among wild boars. Experts have pointed out that in all the Post Union block countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Baltic States the spread of the virus could gain momentum after winter, as cold weather hampers the spread of the disease.

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