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People: New marketing rep at Genesus, Vietnam

Genesus Inc. is pleased to announce that Meggie Vo has joined Genesus in Vietnam as marketing representative. She is initially in charge of business development and client contact for the entire country.

She has a degree with a major in Business Administration along with a Certificate of Completion for: Business Accounting, Modern Banking Specialist and Tax Declaration. Also, she looked after several large agribusiness clients through the bank. Recently she was recognised as one of the top 5% of the bank employees from a total of over 4,500 staff.

For the past 4 and a half years she worked at Mekong Housing Bank with responsibility for Capital Planning. Aince 2010, she also worked part time for Genesus Business Development and for enhancing client contact.

"The Vietnam market has around four million sows and is one of the top five sow countries in the world. With the majority of feed ingredients being imported, Vietnamese small and large scale farmers are looking for more efficient growth and feed conversion from their genetics as well as consumer satisfaction. With her vast knowledge in business development and banking, Meggie will be able to generate sales and business linkages with potential clients," said Mike Van Schepdael-VP for sales, Genesus Inc.

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