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PED virus in maps

About Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) virus, a lot is documented in the USA and Canada. Now Japan is reporting about heavy outbreaks too. Can we compare these figures? Here is my summary – a story in maps.

Question 1: Where has the recent wave of PED virus been confirmed? Each square represents a country – or a state/ province/ prefecture – provided that these data were available. (Click here to see map - PDF)

Question 2: Which states (USA), provinces (Canada) and prefectures (Japan) have been hit – and how many locations? (Click here to see maps

The occurrence in the USA appears more dense – although it is hard to compare since the density of farms in both countries is different. Don't forget Japan is the world's largest pork importer!

Question 3: When was each state, province or prefecture first infected? (Click here to see maps

Interesting question, as this shows the spread of the disease in new territories – in Japan colours are now darker than in the US.

That does not mean that the problem of new outbreaks in the US is over – one of the latest updates at the end of March showed a discovery of 247 new cases. This weekly number has come down only slightly from 315 mid-February.

Last but not least – I'm aware that this list may likely not be complete. Do you have more info, better details or interesting additions? Please do mail them to me at, drop me a line at Pig Progress on Facebook or send me a Twitter message.

If you would like to see the full map on Google maps, simply click here.


  • L.S. Mandel

    Have to practice good biosecurity to keep out PEDv. Other than that should be a good year to be in Hogs.

  • Hideo Yamamoto

    I think a cause of PED is ECO-feed from food waste in Japan. ECO-feed is not pasteurized sufficiently and also often examinated by official institution . Japanese self supply of animal feed is approximate 25%.
    Therefore pig farmers use ECO-feed to decrease feed cost. Almost Japanese don't know animal welfare and how to keep pregnant sow.

  • HT Too

    PED is endemic in The Philiippines and has been for 8 years. The outbreaks were considered unusual and the continuing presence of the disease in the country is challenging common perceptions of the characteristics of the virus as it is supposed to be heat labile and therefore unlkely to become endemic in tropical countries. Other countries that have been facing outbreaks of the disease for years include Vietnam and Thailand. These countries in South East Asia received little attention because of lack of published data although the disease is well known to field veterinarians.

  • Vincent ter Beek

    Dear HT Too: Thank you very much for these additions, very helpful. I have added Vietnam to the map as well as the date of outbreak in the Philippines. Do let me know if you know where to find any good quantitative data to make the map even more complete. <>. Thank you!

  • Vincent ter Beek

    Dear Hideo Yamamoto: Thank you for your comment. If feed was the cause for the PED virus, from what country was it imported into Japan?

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