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China: Number of dead pigs found in rivers reaches 16,000

Over the last weeks, dead pigs have been found in rivers around Shanghai. The rivers supply water to residents.

According to Chinese government reports, 10,570 carcasses were discovered in the Huangpu river and 5,528 pigs were pulled from rivers in the Jiaxing area of Zhejiang province.

Water safety
Authorities have stated that the river waters is safe for consumption.

Lab tests have revealed that some of the pigs were affected with Porcine Circovirus (PCV), a common pig disease. While Jiaxing officials believe that the pigs may have died due to the cold weather.

Some pig farmers believe that the pig carcasses were dumped because police have started cracking down on the illegal sale of pork products that come from dead, diseased pigs.

Reports state that the city does not have sufficient facilities to dispose of dead pigs properly, while no confirmation has thus far been given by authorities regarding the cause of the pig deaths.

Pig Progress

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