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Background last update:Oct 28, 2010

The development and consequences of ear necrosis in a weaner herd and two growing-finishing herds

In Danish herds, ear necrosis (EN) in weaners and older pigs is mainly located along the ventral edge of the ear. Biting by other pigs and infections (possibly as a sequel to trauma) have been suggested as causes of EN (1, 2).

The aim of this investigation was to explore 1) the development and healing of EN, 2) factors within the herd associated with EN and 3) the effect of EN on the health and growth of the pigs.
Marie Erika Busch1 Inger M. Jensen2 Jakob Korsgaard3
1. Pig Research Centre, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Copenhagen, Denmark; 2. Dyrlaegecentralen Sydvest A/S, Loegumkloster, Denmark; 3. Oe-Vet, Naestved, Denmark
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