African Swine Fever

The latest information on the African Swine Fever virus and what you can do to prevent ASF entering your farm.

Recent ASF outbreaks

Pig Progress has been keeping track of the outbreaks and has created an interactive map with all the details.

ASF Belgium - Interactive map

The first ASF outbreak in Belgium was in September, find out all the outbreaks, transport bans and latest updates.

ASF China - Interactive map

The first ASF outbreak in China was in August, find out all the outbreaks, transport bans and latest updates.

Prevention of ASF

There is no treatment or vaccine for the African Swine Fever, so the best you can do is to prevent it entering your farm. Find out more in these articles.

More about the ASF virus

Pig Progress is reporting about the ASF virus for years, here are some of the most interesting articles.

ASF virus

In the Pig Progress Health Tool a lot of pig diseases are described, including African Swine Fever.

What happens if African Swine Fever strikes

ASF on EU farm: First hand account

Despite taking biosecurity very seriously, Danish-owned Rupinskai Farm in eastern Lithuania became the first...

Previous ASF outbreaks

African Swine Fever isn't new, read back some of the reportings from the past

African Swine Fever reaches Moldova. Photo: Iwona Maikowska-Daniel

African Swine Fever reaches Moldova

Yet another country in Eastern Europe has confirmed the presence of African Swine Fever (ASF) within its...

Lithuania is struggling with ASF

Lithuania struggles with ASF

Lithuania intends to reduce the population of wild boars in the country from the current 60 thousand to only 6...