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Swine dysentery - Effect of zinc chelate, valnemulin

The aim of study was to determine the influence of zinc chelate, valnemulin and it's combination on Brachyspira hyodysenteriae shedding and morphological changes of colonic mucosa in an experimental model of swine dysentery (SD). The study was performed on pigs coming from a dysentery-free herd.

Animals were inoculated by B. hyodysenteriae strain B204. When the clinical signs of SD and B. hyodysenteriae shedding developed, the pigs were divided into four treatment groups.

The first group was treated with zinc chelate (250ml/1000L in water), second group was given valnemulin in feed at 75ppm; the third group was given a combination of both and the fourth group was control.

The results demonstrated therapeutic effect of valnemulin in pigs with serious SD and did not show therapeutic effect of chelated zinc.

Source: NCBI

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