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RESEARCH: Influence of seaweed on fresh pork quality and shelf-life

Scientists from Ireland's University College Cork and University College Dublin have researched the influence of antioxidants laminarin and fucoidan on lipid oxidation in pork steaks, and porcine liver, heart, kidney and lung tissue.

Laminarin and fucoidan are extracts from Laminaria digitata, brown seaweed or kelp, which can be used to supplement pig diets.

The researchers examined the effect of 21 days of laminarin and fucoidan supplementation on pork steaks.

The steaks were stored at 4°C for 15 days, after which they were examined on the muscle pH, surface colour,  and microbiology. The researches concluded that the addition of laminarin and fiucoidan extracts to pig diets had no significant influence on those criteria used to qualify pork quality or shelf life.  They do report that the supplements do significantly reduce lipid oxidation in pork steaks was observed.

The results demonstrate the potential for the incorporation of marine-derived bioactive antioxidant components into muscle foods via the animal's diet.

The article was published by Meat Science, and is available behind a paywall. 


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