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RESEARCH: Activated pig immune system requires more sulphur

Australian scientists have found that a pig, whose immune system has been activated, needs more sulphur amino acids to maintain maximum performance and body protein deposition.

Professor John Pluske, Dr Jae Kim and Dr Bruce Mullan, of Murdoch University and the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) are investigating sulphur amino acids as a nutritional component of pig herd health in relation to supporting immune function.

Their researches form part of a larger program directed at reducing risk in E. coli associated disease.

“Our research on nutritional manipulation is aimed at supplying correct amounts of amino acids that are associated with immune function in pigs so that their immune systems are better able to fight E. coli bacteria and other pathogens, without compromising growth and wellbeing of pigs” says Kim.

The researchers have found that when pigs’ immune system is activated, more sulphur amino acid is required to support maximum performance and body protein deposition.

Therefore, increasing dietary sulphur amino acids for growing/finishing pigs in a commercial farm is a requirement for immune response as well as growth.

Source: Science Network Western Australia

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    is there mentioned a more detailed ammount of sulphur amino acid concentration somewhere

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