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Biomin: DON also an indirect threat for pig health

The mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON) may have a wider mode of action than only direct affect on pig health. Such was one of the key messages of André van Lankveld, swine technical manager, Biomin, who spoke at a symposium at VIV Europe in Utrecht, on May 21.

He demonstrated that DON may also have synergistic effects, when coinciding with feed contamination containing e.g. the mycotoxins zearalenone or fumonisins.

He also pointed out that only small amounts of DON can have a negative effect on intestinal epithelial cells, that DON affects the intestinal immune system, harms the intestinal villi and can cause anorexia by targeting the pig brain.

The symposium was called Mycotoxins in Focus, and was organised jointly by Biomin and Pig Progress' sister title AllAboutFeed.

Other speakers at the symposium were Karin Nährer, Biomin, Austria, who gave a global overview of the extent of the mycotoxin problem all over the world; and Luca Vandi, Biomin, Italy, who focused on mycotoxin problems in poultry.

Altogether, the event attracted over 80 people.

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