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Two die in Vietnam after contact with sick pigs

Two slaughter house owners in Vietman died after killing diseased pigs. Health authorities believe there is a connection.

On the 4 of February the owner of a slaughter house in Binh Tay Village, a 42 year old woman, bought 24 pigs. After killing eight pigs she experienced symptoms of fever, diarrhea and internal bleeding. She was rushed to hospital but died on the 8 February.

Later the remaining pigs were brought to another slaughter house, where the owner, 41 year old man, developed similar symptoms after killing two pigs and he died on the 10 February.

Local residents tipped of the authorities and vets from the Department of Animal Health in Dai Loc District arrived at the houses of the two owners to bury the remaining pigs.

Health staff took samples of the two victams to test at the Department of Animal Health in the central city of Da Nang.

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