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Amlan: New mycotoxicosis research to be presented

Amlan International's technical service manager, Dr. S. LeAnn Johnston, will present new research, the Unknown Effects of Mycotoxicosis on Profitability of Livestock Production at the upcoming XVI Congreso Bienal AMENA 2013 October 22-25 in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

Dr. Johnston will review and discuss the negative impact of mycotoxicosis on the profitability of livestock operations and the beneficial results achieveed by including Calibrin-Z broad spectrum toxin binder to their feeding regimen.

"We help producers achieve peak performance in profitability and animal productivity by educating them on the disease and helping them establish a program that benefits their operations' effectiveness using Calibrin-Z," said Dr. Johnston.

"It is vital that producers know and understand the negative implications of mycotoxicosis and how they can mitigate its damaging effects."

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