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Dominican Republic: Pigs die from rare disease

In Barahona, Dominican Republic, dozens of pigs have died due to a rare disease. Pig farmers are concerned and are asking the Ministry of Agriculture to step in.

It has been suspected that the pigs died of a type of KC2 disease. KC2 causes pigs to have seizures.

"The authorities have to take action on the situation, because one can't leave these poor rural folks to suffer these extreme losses of all they have to survive," said Ruddy Medina – who first complained about the situation.

According to Medina, KC2 disease struck the porcine population of the Dominican Republic during 1979 and 1980, when thousands of pigs died. He added that currently farmers of La Hoya and Habanero reported the pig deaths.


**Thus far, not much is known about the disease.

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