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Argentine roundworm outbreak blamed on grey market pork

The Ministry of Health in Cordoba, Argentina, through its Epidemiology Section, reported the occurrence of a new trichinosis outbreak, and it warned citizens about the risks of purchasing or eating pork from the grey market or without its proper sanitary authorization.

The outbreak occurred in Tancacha community, and five persons affected with the disease have been identified, four of them are relatives.

One of the patients was cared for in Rawson Hospital in Cordoba city, and the others were seen in a private health facility in Tancacha.

The source of the infection has not yet been identified but it is thought that it may be due to the use of food from certain places in the community.

The investigation and appropriate controls are currently being carried out by the Tancacha Municipality and the Epidemiology Section of the Ministry of Health, with the participation of the Control Sub secretariat in the Ministry of Agriculture, Farming and Food, and the National Service for Alimentary Safety (SENASA, according to its Spanish initials).

Source: International Society for Infectious Diseases

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