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Research to replace antibiotics in pigs

TNO and Kanters Special Products together started a research that focuses on reducing antibiotic use in the intensive livestock sector through the use of natural ingredients. Practical trials have proven that results can be obtained.

Combining of scientific knowledge and technological capabilities of TNO in the field of microbiology and DNA technology and practical knowledge of Kanters of nutritional supplements and their use in intensive livestock farming enables a specific and rapid identification of active components that can serve as an alternative to antibiotics and therefore can lead to a reduced use of antibiotics.

A pilot study conducted in 2011 showed that specific products are able to suppress the, also for human, dangerous antibiotic resistant ESBL bacteria in chicken intestinal flora without further disruption of the intestinal flora composition.

In addition to specifically combat pathogenic bacteria in the veterinary sector, the research focuses on actively promoting and maintaining animal health, so the need of antibiotic use further reduces. The first results of the research are expected in 2012, but also in the meantime all interested parties can contact TNO or Kanters.

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One comment

  • John

    Dear College's,
    a bit amazed about this small article, In our investigations and studies we have tested the products from Kanters, all studies have showed none results. We agree that the amount of antibiotic has to be decreased but with those products it wont help you at all.

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