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Call for postponing of mandatory analgesia at piglet castration

The German Farmers Association (Deutscher Bauernverband, DBV) has called for a postponement for the ban on castration of piglets without prior use of analgesia.

The German government intends to introduce this ban as from January 1, 2017. The association, however, said in a review, that the ban should be postponed for an unspecified time.

The DBV said that mandatory analgetics is not useful since at European level, agreements were reached four years ago to renounce castration as a whole as from 2018. It is, according to the DBV, not clear if Europe will reach this target, although the association approved the initiative at the time.

Applicable alternatives for surgical castration, i.e. practically feasible and supported by the market, are still not available and this situation will not have changed by 2017, the association indicated.

The DBV said: “To call for mandatory analgesia by that time would be utterly incomprehensible. This looks arbitrary, which causes a great deal of frustration with farmers.”

The association is not happy about possible consequences of an outright ban on castration – mainly for the market for finishing pigs. It is feared that the market share of large processsors, like Tönnies, Vion and Westfleisch (together taking 55%) would even grow.

They would be the only companies capable of buying and processing boars and signed a guarantee statement earlier this year. The DBV said: “This would mean producers finishing boars are in their power.”

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  • Iwona Dyba

    In Poland now it is impossible to introduce ban of castration piglets without anesthesia.
    We are castrating piglets before the age 7th day of life without anesthesia.
    We didn't sign Brussels Declaration in 2010. In practise polish producers and associations didnt agree with this document because it would be hard to implement in real life and it might cause of rising costs in pig production - which are high now. In all Europe it is the main problem in production, nowadays when the population of pigs is melting in Europe.
    Do you agree with it?
    I know that welfare animals is important, but we have to also remember about people; to produce tasty pork for consumers and protect farmers who have got difficult situation now, they want to conduct cost-effective production.

    I have got one question could you write which countries in EU signed the Brussels Declaration??

  • AK Kastelic

    I think, that in manny contries is impossible to ban castration piglets without anestesia. In Slovenia also.

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