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News 1240 views last update:Oct 22, 2012

Philippine hog farmers criticise customs commissioner on import manifests

Pig farmers and others of the Philippine agricultural producers coalition are growing more vocal in their criticism of the Philippine government's inability to crackdown on the rampant smuggling that is hurting their business, the Manila Standard Today reports.


In a new development, the coalition are demanding to see the inward forward manifests (IFMs), manifests containing information and details on imported items and their ports of origin. The coalition contend that customs commissioner, Rufino Biazon, may be the unknowing dupe of the smuggling syndicates.

The commissioner has stated that the coalition and the Agriculture Department need to contact the shipping companies if they want to see the IFMs.

It is believed that shipping companies are re-using imports license issued last year to bring in cheaper goods, from such places as China and India.

The coalition are still planning their 5-day market holiday to underscore their unhappiness with the Philippine governments inability to deal with the problem.

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