African Swine Fever reaches Moldova

Yet another country in Eastern Europe has confirmed the presence of African Swine Fever (ASF) within its borders: Moldova.

Veterinary authorities confirmed the viral disease on 2 occasions in backyard farms the district of Donduseni, in the country’s far north, at 20 km of the border with Ukraine. The outbreaks were reported to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE); Moldova is stepping up phytosanitary control measures in the area.

Photo: Iwona Maikowska-Daniel
Photo: Iwona Maikowska-Daniel

African Swine Fever near Mosana

The first outbreak was confirmed on September 17, on a backyard farm near the village of Mosana. The farm had 10 pigs of roughly 80 kg (8-9 months of age), 6 had died without the owner notifying veterinary authorities. When 2 more pigs fell ill, samples were taken. The 2 remaining were subsequently culled.

African Swine Fever near Cernoleuca

The second outbreak occurred on a backyard farm near the village of Cernoleuca, about 10 km away from the first location. This outbreak was reported on September 24, and concerned 3 fattening pigs (5 months of age). When 1 pig died, 2 others were found to be suffering from ASF clinical signs.

African Swine Fever reached Georgia in 2007 and has since reached a host of different countries in Europe, like Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, see also Figure 1.

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