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French meat company sets its own pig price

The French meat company Bigard, one of the largest in the country, no longer follows the national reference price for pigs from the Marché du Porc Breton but sets its own pig price.

Bigard pays its suppliers €1.329 per kilo which is about 4 cents per kilo less than last week's MPB price. And for that last few weeks, Bigard has not participated in the bi-weekly auctions at the MPB. However, the company, which processes some 100,000 pigs a week, still followed the Reference price set at the MPB.

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French meatpackers refuse to buy pigs
Restlessness in the French market continues as two major French meatpackers, Cooperl Arc Atlantique and Bigard-Socopa, have refused to join a pig auction due to high prices.

But now, Bigard has sent its suppliers a letter saying it will stop doing that. The company, which sells a lot of its meat on the international markets, says it cannot compete with competitors from Spain, Germany and the Netherlands if it has to pay a price for its pigs that is significantly higher than that in other European countries.

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French pig market resumes despite boycott by buyers
The Marché du Porc Breton, the pig market in Plérin, Brittany which sets the reference price for France, has resumed after a week without any sessions because 2 of the major purchasers refused to participate.

A second large French meat company, Cooperl Arc Atlantique, threatens to follow the same path for similar reasons.

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