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Russia sees strong increase in pork production

During the first five months of 2015 Russia saw an increase of its pork production of 7.9% compared to the same period of last year. 88,800 tonnes more was produced, which brings the total to 1,206,400 tonnes, stated the report of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Russian officials say that with this kind of growth the country is gradually moving towards self-sufficiency when it comes to pig meat.

"The current growth rate will allow Russia in the shortest possible time to reach the necessary volume of pork production to meet the needs of both the population and the processing industry, which means we will no longer be dependant on the import of supplies," commented Vladimir Labinov, director of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Breeding of the Russian Agricultural Ministry.

The main increase in the production of pigs for slaughter has been achieved in Kursk Oblast, where the production grew by 25,400 tonnes (+32.7% compared to the same period of last year).

Other areas which saw growth are:

  • Belgorod Oblast: 18,500 tonnes (+6.4%)
  • Pskov Oblast: 10,500 tonnes (+35.9%)
  • Tambov Oblast: 6,200 tonnes (+11.1%)
  • Tver Oblast: 6,000 tonnes (+46.6%)
  • Novosibirsk Oblast: 5,600 tonnes (+46.4% )
  • Chelyabinsk Oblast: 5,100 tonnes (+23.1%).

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