News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Polish pigs prefer Mozart to metal

A new study by the Krakow University of Agriculture finds that when subjected to music pigs are changing their behaviour. Interestingly enough, pigs seem to prefer Mozart to metal.

Researchers from the Krakow University held an experiment, where they played music twice a day for fifteen minutes. 30 pigs got to listen to Mozart, another group of 30 pigs were subjected to German hard rock band The Scorpions.

After the first 5 months of research, it turns out that those pigs listening to Mozart gained more weight than those who listened to the rock music. Nevertheless, the researchers also found that when listening to music, whether it be classical music or hard rock, the pigs tend to be more playful than usual. "Which means they are having fun, and that improves their welfare," says Dr. Monika Petrynka, scientist at Krakow University.

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