News last update:Feb 25, 2016

French supermarkets support pig farmers

The French supermarket group Intermarché will pay pig farmers more for their animals in order to offer them some support in their difficult situation. Intermarché will, through its meat business Josselin Porc Abattage offer her suppliers of pork each week 5 cents per kilo extra till the pig price has reached €1.40 per kilo again.

At the moment the pig price at the Marché du Porc Breton, the leading French pig market in Plérin, Brittany, is just over €1.30 per kilo. Intermarché is also working on the further introduction of contracts between pig farmers and the supermarket companies. Intermarché has at the same time introduced similar measures for her suppliers of beef.

Boost the French pig sector

Meanwhile, another French supermarket chain Leclerc has also announced that it will 'boost the French pig sector.' Leclerc also aims at a pig price of €1.40 per kilo and will start buying pork exclusively from French suppliers whatever the price difference is with other European suppliers. By doing this, chairman Michel Edouard Leclerc wants to respond favourably to the requests of both farmers and the government, he announced on his weekly blog. He stresses that it will be much more in the interest of the pig sector to come up with measures that secure the future of the farmers in the long term but recognises the need for urgent measures.

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