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Agro-Belogorie to double pork processing capacities

One of the largest Russian pork producers Agro-Belogorie eyes to launch its second pork processing plant in the Yakovlevsky district of the Belgorod Oblast at the end of 2015. The investment is estimated at US$46 million, while the payback period is expected to be eight years.

The new production plant will include several sections: a deboning and trimming section, an area for meat smoking, a packing area, a facility for storage of finished products, refrigeration and an administrative complex.

360 pig carcasses per hour

The new plant will be able to trimm 360 carcasses per hour, whereas the already operating pork processing plant of Agro Belogorie has a capacity of 300 carcasses per hour. Thus, the launching of the new facility should more than double the company's pork processing capacity.

The plant is being constructed with the support of Dutch company MPS, which is the main supplier of equipment. According to the management of the company, the new plant will exclusively use the equipment made in Germany. Also, ammonia and freon cooling systems are not to be used.


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