News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Topigs Norsvin: Online Sow Feed Monitor

Topigs Norsvin introduces the online Sow Feed Monitor. The Topigs Norsvin Sow Feed Monitor is an online tool that offers nutritionists and farmers the possibility to make a comparison between the average sow herd condition and Topigs Norsvin’s sow condition recommendations.


The comparisons are made on the basis of sow bodyweight, backfat thickness, and body condition score (BCS) at farrowing and weaning. The aim of the Sow Feed Monitor is to improve sow herd uniformity by first measuring the existing condition variation and then to reduce this variation by adopting the most appropriate feed curves and nutritional strategies.

The Topigs Norsvin Sow Feed Monitor helps producers to identify the variation in sow herds and then to divide sows into body condition groups. The target is to get 85% of all sows in the ideal body condition group at both farrowing and weaning. A high percentage of sows out of the ideal condition range increases sow feed cost, and impairs future reproduction performance.Therefore striving to get more sows in the ideal condition group will increase production and financial results and improve overall total herd feed efficiency.

The Topigs Norsvin Sow Feed Monitor is available for all its producers. Topigs Norsvin also provides its producers with additional support to explain and interpret the results and outcomes. A team of world-class nutritionists are available to help producers increase sow herd uniformity and hence productivity.


For more info: Topigs Norsvin

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