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RusAgro invests in pork cluster in Russian Far East

The Russian Agro-industrial group of companies RusAgro has allocated the first RUB 5.2 billion (US$110 million) of investments for the ‘Primorsky bacon’ project - to create a pork cluster in the Far East part of the country.

The launch of the construction is scheduled for September of 2015, while the total investment amount of the project is RUB 15.7 billion (US $330 miilion).

The project will be implemented in stages. Within the first one, RusAgro plans to launch ten pig farms, a slaughterhouse and feed mill, producing 100,000 tonnes of pork per year in live weight at the cluster. The capacity of the feed mill will be 240,000 tonnes of feed per year, while slaughterhouse will process 125 heads of pigs per hour.

The project also involves the construction of the utilisation plant and grain storage with the capacity of 120,000 tonnes of grain. The project will let the company become the largest producers of pork in the Russian Far East. It is expected that part of the production will be for export.

One of the objectives for the implementation of the project, according to the Board of Directors is the growing demand for pork production in the Asian markets. The pork cluster will be located relatively close to the Chinese border, so Chinese importers may in future become large purchasers of RusAgro's pork.

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