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France: Feed companies finance pig farmers

Feed companies in Brittany, France, are increasingly giving financial support to their main customers, the pig and poultry farmers. Last year, feed producers together offered some €60 million in the shape of later or even non-payment of invoices or direct support for investments.

In the first quarter of this year, the outstanding debt has already increased by almost €15 million, according to Nutrinoe, the federation of animal feed producers in this part of France. "The financial situation of most livestock farmers in this area is getting worse. We strongly advise them to contact the regional authorities in order to apply for the support the government in Paris has promised the various livestock sectors," Nutrinoe says.

4% drop in 2014 pig feed production in Brittany

Last year, the members of the federation produced 1.8% less animal feed in volume then in 2013, with a decrease of almost 4% for pig feed and 8% for chicken feed. Only turkey feed did better with an increase of 8%.

Reduced activity in pig sector hits feed production

"We already saw a decrease in the total production of 2.6% in 2013. Over those last two years, the total production diminished by almost 400,000 tonnes which is the equivalent of nearly two feed factories," Nutrinoe stresses. "Since 2001, total production is down by 1.7 million tonnes, which is directly correlated to the decline in the activities of the pig and poultry sectors in our region."

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  • Velo Mitrovich

    That's a dangerous path to go down. I saw fish feed companies do the same for Greek sea bass and sea bream farms. I hate to say, but after this went on for some time and the farms realized the feed companies were as desperate as they were, the bill for the feed went to the bottom of the pile. What could the feed companies do? Their only hope was that the farms would ultimately make a profit and pay them.

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