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RusAgro wants government support

Russian company RusAgro is requesting financial support for its construction project. It plans to construct several pig farms in Primorsky Krai, Russia, according to the representatives of the company.

The company expects to receive a soft loan from one of the state-owned Russian banks as the project may have a great importance in the issue of replacement of imported pork on the Russian market.

The loan amount may reach RUB 12.65 billion (US$ 20 million) while the total cost of the project is RUB 15.8 billion (US$ 25.4 million). RusAgro intends to build pig farms with a capacity of 79,000 tonnes of pork in live weight per year, as well as a feed mill with the capacity of 240,000 tonnes per year, a slaughter plant with the capacity of 125 heads of pigs per hour.

The project is also aiming for grain storage with a capacity of 120,000 tonnes of grain. The parameters for the investment project were approved by the government in October last year.

If it is to be implemented, RusAgro will become the largest supplier of pork to the Far East part of Russia, which previously imported pork from the US, Canada and a number of other countries and has the lowest rate of self-sufficiency in pig production among Russian regions.

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